How Can A Photo Booth Be Used To Grow Your Business?

Your customers, clients or patrons spread your message for you!

Setting up a photo booth at an event or in a business makes it easy & fun for guests to let people know they were there.  When they share the outputs to social media, your reach grows exponentially!

Explosive social media growth!

We will work with you to create templates people WANT to share!  By designing the templates with your branding, your business spreads across social media platforms rapidly!

Data Harvesting

Our booths have the latest in data harvesting technology!  You will receive all emails and/or phone numbers collected and can require that literally any questions be asked or information be input before photos are sent to guests.  All of that data is yours for no extra charge!


What is a micro site?

A Microsite is a custom webpage specific to your event or company that allows  access to all videos and images taken at your business or event.  

If targeted to the right demographic, your clients, customers, guests, etc. will end up browsing and sharing all the fun that YOUR company provided them.  Microsites offer excellent behind the scenes analytics as well!

They can be imbedded into your website, shared on social media, and anyone who has used the booth gets access sent to them automatically.

Here is an example of a microsite

Draw attention to a single event!

Have a Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting, Anniversary, or any company related event?  We can set up our equipment to look as if it is yours!  Our booths can all be custom wrapped with your branding, custom backdrops can be created and all of our branding removed so it looks as though your company is providing this!

Offer Photo Booths for a series of events!

Would you like to increase your brand recognition and data harvesting at recurring events such as festivals, conventions, trade shows, or events held at your business? 

Contact us about ongoing events at which you may want these powerful tools.  The more you book, the more you save!  Once we've created custom features for you, we might as well reuse them, right?

Permanent Installations!

We can mount a photo booth anywhere in your business to be used as much as you like by your customers, clients and patrons.  

This is an excellent feature to add to any business that would like to provide a fun interactive experience while increasing their brand recognition and social media reach.

Perfect for gyms, salons, dentists, orthodontists, pediatricians, bars, restaurants, and any entertainment business!

Please contact us for more information.

How can you be seen by your target market?

You do not have to host your own event to use our booths as a marketing tool!


We can meet with you to discuss your goals, target market, and budget.  

Then, we can work to find places and events to put our booths, branded 100% for your company.  

By finding specific events and offering the photo booth for free to attendee's we can target your content to your ideal audiences!  When the people at those events share their pictures and videos, they are advertising for you exponentially!  And again, you get all of their contact info!

Companies & Venues We Have Worked With...