Here's what you need to know about us!

We operate a little differently than most photo booth companies.

Photo booths have evolved into so much more than just a quick, blurry strip of pictures taken rapid fire in a tiny space.  We can easily provide that experience if you like but we have the technology & knowledge to offer much more!  

We have two very different photo booths that can provide an entertaining experience for your guests, a lifetime of memories, unimaginable customization, & high quality images you and your guests will cherish for years to come... no matter how elegant or silly you are going for!

When we first started out several years ago, one of our first goals in providing all of these things for your event was to enhance the aesthetics and the experience of your event!  

  • You've worked hard to create a beautiful environment and we will not set up unsightly equipment that looks as though a photography studio has been dropped in the middle of the space you are trying to enjoy.  
  • We work hard and invest greatly to keep our equipment among the highest in this industry!  
  • Everything is enclosed, clean, & modern.  Cords are neatly taped down, and all accessories from tables & linens, to props & backdrops, are in excellent condition and will lend themselves well to any decor.

We quickly realized another top priority of ours was to make things as easy & affordable as possible for our clients.  Planning any event is time consuming, stressful, & expensive!  We have done our best to help you with that by making several changes to the way our company operates compared to many!

  • We proudly display our pricing!  This makes planning your event easier for you!  Because of this transparency, you know we charge the same for ALL events.  We DO NOT upcharge for weddings or corporate events!  If you want a reliable & professional photo booth company, you will not find one more competitively priced!
  • We do not offer packages!  This may seem to complicate things a bit, but we are not here to sell you more than you want so we have chosen an a la carte style of pricing.  
  • Our Rental & Hourly Fees will cover absolutely everything you need for an excellent experience but we offer tons of upgrades as well if you are interested. 
  • We have a very easy & flexible payment system.  You, or anyone you give your password to, can easily log into your account and make a payment at any time!  You can pay all at once or on any schedule that works for you!

We understand no two events are the same so our style of pricing and the equipment we have allows you a custom experience, tailored to fit your event... AND your budget!  You can have an exceptional experience for anywhere from $400 and up!

Now that you know a little more about us... we would like to introduce you to our photo booths!

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